C2C Link Announces mGreen Laser Module

C2C Link, a McMaster University start up with headquarters in Ontario, Canada, announced the mGreen laser module. The mGreen module produces 532nm green laser light by converting the output of an 808nm infrared laser diode to green. Measuring 7mm x 4.5mm x 2mm and offers optical efficiency of up to 20%, the module operates at room temperature (33°C) and produces up to 590mW. The diode pumped solid state (DPSS) module consists of a Nd:YVO4 laser crystal and a MgO:PPLN nonlinear conversion crystal, which are aligned precisely with an air gap and assembled on a silicon sub-carrier. The mGreen module will be mass produced by a joint venture with CQ Laser Technologies, headquartered in Jiangsu, China. Pricing and availability were not disclosed.

As PMA’s projector market research continues to examine the New Era projector supply chain, a number of new synthetic (DPSS) laser modules have been introduced recently to challenge upcoming direct diode laser modules slated to ship during 2012.


CQ Laser Technologies