BOXLIGHT Introduces Pair of Short Throw Projectors

boxlight-projectowrite8-wx31nstBOXLIGHT has introduced two new short throw projectors, geared for the education and business markets. The ProjectoWrite8 WX31NXT has interactive capabilities,  and the DAL WX31NXT is designed for standard  short-throw applications.

The ProjectoWrite8 is a wall-mounted ultra-short-throw interactive projector which includes auto calibration for simple set-up. Users can control their PC from the projected image with the most recent version of LightPen software. The software is Dual Screen Link compatible, which allows for two separate and individual interactive screen surfaces. An additional upgrade to the ProjectoWrite8 is the touch mode, which allows for enhanced Windows 8 functionality and will emulate a touch screen on the projected image.

Both the P8 WX31NXTand DAL WX31NXT host a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and are 3D capable. Additional features include 3100 lumens, WXGA resolution, 2x digital zoom, multiple wall color options for various wall conditions or screens, LAN connection for remote monitoring, microphone input, fine tune horizontal and vertical image adjustment, and a filter free design. At a throw ratio of ​.35:1 from image to mirror, or .17:1 from image to projector, an 87” optimum image size can be accomplished by projecting just 14” from the screen.

MSRP for the P8 WX31NXT is $2,559 and $2,099 for the DAL WX31NXT. Wall mounts for either unit are $199.  These units began shipping on July 1, 2013.  

Recent findings by PMA Research show that interactive and short-throw models continue to be in demand, despite a somewhat flat projector market.