BOXLIGHT Announces Boston Series Projectors

BOXLIGHT has announced an upgrade to their Seattle Series projectors – the new Boston Series. Three new wireless models are the first in the series. They are the Boston WX27NST (2700 lumen, WXGA, short throw), the Boston X28NST (2800 lumen, XGA, short throw) and the Boston X30N (3000 lumen, XGA, standard throw) projectors.

The Boston Series features PC-less presentations through the addition of a USB input, allowing for 1.5G of internal storage. With EZ Wi-Fi LAN software, (a free download) presenters can use a USB to mini-USB cable, or the LAN connection on the projector and their network, to display computer content and stream video and audio direct from PC or Mac.

The EZ Display App also enables users to send images, web pages, or view the camera live from mobile devices, and includes annotation features. With an optional Wi-Fi USB display dongle, connectivity increases to include projection of up to four devices at one time, including PC and Mac.

The Boston Series ship standard with side changing lamp and filter for easy access and advanced optics for a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Multiple anti-theft features come standard and the projector has seven different display modes, logo capture and image freeze, along with an on-board 10 watt speaker. MSRP’s for the Boston projectors range from $1,221 to $1,994 and they will begin shipping this quarter.

A recent Dealer Survey from PMA Research found that 65% of dealers rated easy connection to iPads/tablets to be important or very important, and more than 50% of dealers rated wireless capabilities and easy connection to iPhones/Smartphones to also be important and very important. So, BOXLIGHT’S new projectors should prove popular.