BenQ releases New BlueCore DLP Laser Projector

BenQ releases New BlueCore DLP Laser Projector

BenQ America Corp. used InfoComm to unveil its brightest projector to date – an 8000 lumen WUXGA resolution model that is laser-phosphor lit – and part of the new BenQ professional line of BlueCore laser light source projectors. Engineered for large-venue professional installations such as entertainment applications, corporate meeting rooms, houses of worship, educational facilities and more, the LU9715 features significantly improved color performance through a dual RGBY color wheel system. The projector supports 360-degree and portrait projection and 24/7 operation for expanded installation opportunities – the first time BenQ projectors have been able to do this.

The basic configuration of the BlueCore 1-chip DLP engine is detailed in the diagram below. Note that the yellow phosphor wheel is illuminated by the blue lasers and that there is a clear segment to let this blue light thru for this color component. In the LU9715, dual blue laser banks are needed to reach 8K lumens. The color wheel is an RGBY configuration. The lifetime of the solid state light source is rated at 20K hours in full brightness mode. Users can also operate the projector at 80% of its peak rated output and extend the life to 40K hours. In addition, the Custom Light Mode allows adjustment of the brightness level – which will help when blending projectors for uniformity.

The optical engine and laser bank is hermetically sealed to eliminate dust damage and image degradation for extended long-term durability. Dust on the laser phosphor wheel is known to rapidly degrade light output nQ BlueCore laser projectors feature HDBaseT for long-distance full-HD signal transmission via network cables up to 100 meters. LAN control compatibility with leading third-party solutions as well as BenQ MDA software allows IT managers to remotely monitor and control a large number of projectors on the network. The LU9715 also features comprehensive connectivity, including 3G-SDI.

The BenQ LU9715 BlueCore laser projector will begin shipping this summer with a choice of eight optional lenses that feature all-glass construction with throw ratios ranging from 0.38 to 8.19.

Analyst firm PMA Research has been closely watching the growth of the laser phosphor projector segment, and a recent Dealer Survey they conducted showed that Dealers expect the laser phosphor projector segment to be a bright spot for sales in 2016 and 2017.