Barco to Preview Next-Gen 3D Laser Technology for Digital Cinema

Barco will partner with cinema integrator D3D Cinema and Moody Gardens for the Second Annual Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium in January 2012. The event will be the first public demonstration of Barco’s new laser light engine coupled with true DLP-4K resolution 3D on a “giant” 80-foot theater screen. Barco will also demonstrate two other firsts – a 4K 3D comparison of “ultra-reality” 48 frame per second and 60 frame per second content and the first giant 3D 500 mbps comparison (which is nearly double the current cinema bit rate standard).

Barco already holds the Guiness World Record for projector brightness, and their new laser light engine is expected to break their current record. Pacific Media’s research has shown that dark images are a principle complaint of viewers watching 3D content, so the anticipated light levels of lasers will help to further the 3D revolution.

Barco has designed the laser-lamp housing to be fully modular, so that exhibitors can easily upgrade their current Barco 4K projectors to eliminate their xenon lamp costs. Pacific Media has been, and will continue to follow this new technology closely.