Barco Introduces “ClickShare’ Meeting Room Technology

Barco has announced the launch of ClickShare, a simple solution to connecting multiple PCs to a projector or other large display in a meeting, so up to 4 PCs’ screens can be shown simultaneously on the large display. A standard ClickShare set-up consists of four dongles with wireless capability and a Base Unit, though additional dongles can be purchased. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s AV system and handles all processing. Users who want to put their presentation on the shared meeting room screen simply connect a dongle to their PC or Mac laptop, click it … and their PC content is transferred wirelessly to the display system. ClickShare does not interfere with the laptop’s resolution, and it automatically displays the screen content. Also, the driver software resides in the dongle and does not need administration rights from the PC.

Barco is joining forces with Starin, an AV communications value-added distributor (VAD), who will partner to distribute ClickShare in North America. Techdata-Maverick will distribute the product in EMEA.

Projector market research by Pacific Media Associates has found that meeting collaboration is important to end-users of projectors, so this new tool from Barco, which encourages collaboration in conjunction with projector use, should be well received in the professional market.