Barco Buys Majority Stake in projectiondesign

In an effort to gain share in the mid-sized projector market, Belgian based projector manufacturer Barco has acquired a 61% stake in the Norwegian projector manufacturer projectiondesign.

Comments by both companies indicate they see the move as a positive one. In recent years, Barco has been focused on large venue projection and the D-Cinema market, while projectiondesign’s focus has been on other professional markets such as training and simulation, visitor attractions, visualization, corporate collaborative environments and control rooms. The two companies offerings seem to be very complementary to one another.

In addition, Barco is known for their focus on 3-chip DLP technology for large venue applications, while projectiondesign excels in developing 1-chip DLP solutions for the mid-venue market. Each company has a strong foothold in different geographic markets, so this merger will likely open new territories for them as well.

Market analyst firm Pacific Media Associates has been following the projector industry since it’s inception. For an industry with fierce competition, waning margins and heavy in manufacturers, this type of consolidation is not unexpected. We’ve seen it already with Panasonic and Sanyo, and will likely see more of this in the future, as the “survival of the fittest” scenario continues to play out in a maturing market.