Barco’s New Programmable Light-output Projectors for Rental and Staging

At Infocomm, Barco launched three heavy-duty and high-definition three-chip DLP projectors with flexible light output to add to its rental line-up. “Choose your brightness” – the new projectors are equipped with the light-on-demand technology, which can be programmed for a specific light output using Barco’s Projector Toolset software or by entering a specific code in the user menu on the projector. The HDX-W18 offers up to 18,000 lumens light output, the HDF-W26 26,000 lumens and the HDQ-2K40 generates 40,000 lumens.

Thanks to the light-on-demand technology, rental companies will only need three projector models to generate any brightness level from 10,000 lumens right up to 40,000 lumens. In this way, they have full flexibility to tune an event to their customers’ needs with the smallest possible rental fleet. There is also a GSM module, which allows users to adjust the light output remotely by simply sending a text message (SMS) with a code to the projector.

Research by projector market analyst firm Pacific Media Associates has shown that the high-end segment has continued to out perform the overall projector market. Barco’s  new series should do well by the Rental and Staging markets.