Barco’s New 0.69” DLP Projector Achieves DCI Compliance

Digital Cinema projector manufacturer Barco has announce that its DP2K-10S projector has passed the Compliance Test Plan (CTP) for the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS).

Designed from the ground up around Texas Instruments’ S2K chipset, the DP2K-10S projector is geared towards smaller theaters with screens up to 33 feet wide. Barco claims it is the brightest projector in this category, and the first digital cinema projector featuring Texas Instruments’ new 0.69” DLP Cinema® chip to achieve DCI compliance.

The DP2K-10S utilizes a Xenon lamp, motorized lenses and the same color convergence mechanism of Barco’s larger digital cinema projectors. The new projector is also available as the DP2K-10Sx, which includes an Integrated Media Server.

Pacific Media Associates projector market research has been following the Digital Cinema market since it’s inception. With digital cinema conversion at large movie chains in developed countries nearing saturation, it’s the right time for Barco and other d-cinema manufacturers to shift focus to smaller, less expensive units geared towards independents and developing countries.