Aiptek’s New Picos Target Apple and Android Portables

At the recent IFA trade show in Berlin, Aiptek showed a range of new models designed for connection to Apple or Android devices. All use DLP technology with brightness of 35 -40 lumens, 640×480 (VGA) resolution, and 1000:1 contrast ratio. The range includes: i50S, a sled device for iPhone3, 4/4S, or iPod Touch; i50D, a standalone device for connection to any Apple device; and A50P, a sled device for Android phones.

The Mobile Cinema i50D  projector weighs just 110 grams, has dimensions of 67 x 74 x 20 mm, and is easily connected through the Dock connector to an iPad or iPhone. The Mobile Cinema i50S and i50D can also be used as battery packs for an iPhone with a capacity of around 80% of the original phone battery. According to Aiptek, with the additional power, a movie up to 120 minutes can be played.

Aiptek provides a viewer app which allows playback of photos and videos. The app also has a Live View function, that turns the combined phone/projector into a miniature document camera and electronic magnifying glass.

Aiptek also showed the i20, a lower-brightness, higher-resolution LCOS projector with 12 lumen brightness and a resolution of 960×540(Q-1080) also designed to operate with Apple devices.

Recent end-user surveys conducted by projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates show that the use of iPhones, iPads , Smartphones and Tablets for small group viewing is on the rise. That, coupled with this week’s release of the iPhone 5 should make these new products from Aiptek attractive to consumers.