Acer Intros F7 Series Large Venue Projectors with Interchangeable Lenses

Acer Intros F7 Series Large Venue  Projectors with Interchangeable Lenses

Acer announced its new F7 series of large venue professional projectors at the next@acer press event recently held in New York. This expansion of Acer’s large-venue projector models with interchangeable lenses marks an effort to increase their share in this segment of the projector market. Acer is ranked the world’s leading projector brands, primarily due to their success with projectors designed for use in smaller venues, such as in homes, classrooms and offices.

The new F7 series is designed for flexibility in professional installations with its 5 different lens options, including short throw, semi-short throw, standard throw, long throw and super-long throw. The super-long throw lens will work exceptionally well in larger venues such as convention halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, conference rooms and houses of worship which require long projection distances.

The three models in the F7 series have different display resolutions. The F7600 has a WUXGA resolution, the F7500 has a 1080p resolution and the F7200 has an XGA resolution. All three models have a brightness rated up to 6000 lumens. In terms of connectivity, the F7 series projectors support industry-standard input options such as RGBHV (5-BNC), DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D.

The Acer F7 series projectors can be rotated 360-degrees to give installers flexible options for image projection. This is useful in deployments with a fixed mounting point such as an interactive floor or with side-wall installations. The lens of the F7 series is positioned at the center of the chassis for intuitive positioning, while horizontal and vertical lens shift allows shifting of the image in its original format and size without distortion.

The F7 series projectors will be available in China, Europe, the Middle East and Africa in June. Acer has not yet announced when the F7 models will be available in North America.

According to PMA Research, worldwide shipments of large-venue projectors with interchangeable lenses, have continued to grow despite an otherwise flat market, and account for significant revenues in the market as well.