AAXA Releases P3 Pico Projector

Projector maker AAXA Technologies, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, has released their newest model, the P3 Pico Projector. The new projector uses a Syndiant LCOS imager and RGB LEDs to produce 50 lumens at WSVGA (1,024×600) resolution with 1,000:1 contrast ratio. The P3 features HDMI, VGA and Composite Video inputs and a built-in Personal Media Player (PMP) which can display video, image, audio and text files from its miniUSB port. A Li-ion battery provides about 65 minutes of run time. The P3 Pico Projector is currently available at a retail price of US$269.

AAXA’s newest model closely follows the trend toward higher brightness and resolution seen in the market by PMA’s projector market research.

AAXA P3 Pico Projector