3M Releases Portable Projection Screen

3M, maker of the MPro and MP series of pico projectors, has introduced a portable projection screen. The PS05B offers a 26″ diagonal wide format (16:9) viewing area and rolls up to 4″ x 16″ for carrying. The screen is said to “double the brightness of of the projected image”, which probably means it features a gain of 2.0. The screen is flame retardant and mildew resistant and can serve small to medium audiences . The PS05B is listed on Shop3M.com for US$99.99 and is currently available.

While conducting projector market research in the New Era market segment (less than 500 lumens), PMA has observed the lack of projection screens that offer the same level of portability as the pico projectors themselves. While 3M’s PS05B is clearly a step in the right direction, its size may still be a problem for frequent travelers.