3M and Roku Collaborate on Streaming Projector

3M has announced a new projector that offers native streaming of Internet content. The SPR1000 Streaming Projector includes Streaming Stick from Roku which plugs into its HDMI port, enabling the projector to utilize any Wi-Fi network to display Roku’s movie, music, TV and gaming offerings (NetFlix, ShoutCast, HBO, Disney, Angry Birds, and many others). Unlike other Wi-Fi enabled projectors which must download content from a computer or the Internet, Roku streams video and images directly to the projector, eliminating the need for local storage and the download time. The new projector produces 60 lumens at WVGA (854×480) resolution from a DLP imager and LEDs. The built-in battery provides up to 2 hours and 45 minutes of run time. The SPR1000 Streaming Projector is expected to be available at end of October at a suggested retail price of US$299.

While manufacturers have previously marketed projectors with built-in Internet connectivity capable of streaming video, the 3M SPR1000 Streaming Projector is the first one PMA’s projector market research has seen from a major New Era manufacturer.