DSE Exhibitors Showcase Transparent and Mirrored Displays for Retail Signage

DSE Exhibitors Showcase Transparent and Mirrored Displays for Retail Signage

Recently showcased at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, the Planar LookThru™ and the Samsung TO55E transparent OLED displays show digital images on see-through glass. The OLED technology does not require a backlight, so the glass can be completely frameless. Merchandise behind the glass can be viewed right through the display while additional information about the merchandise is presented on the glass. The OLED technology maximizes transparency and allows for a broad spectrum of colors and wide viewing angles.

Both of these transparent OLED displays are available in a 55-inch diagonal screen size and can be tiled to create video wall arrays or configured to form other custom arrangements. The Planar LookThru™ OLED display is available with optional touch screen interactivity to further personalize the shopper’s experience.

The Samsung 55-inch ML55E mirrored OLED display is another unique solution within Samsung’s portfolio of SMART Signage Solutions. The ML55E mirrored OLED display automatically transitions from a targeted promotional sign to a clear mirror when it senses a shopper is nearby. When the display is combined with Samsung’s MagicInfo Audience Measurement camera and MagicInfo software, the shopper can interact with the display as a virtual catalog and then use the reflection in the display to visualize the look of an outfit or accessory. Samsung touts the ML55E mirror display as having a higher transmittance (90 percent) and a higher reflectance (55 percent) compared to other mirror displays on the market.

Both Samsung models TO55E and ML55E will be available Q2 2016 and the Planar LookThru™ OLED Display is available now.

Analyst firm PMA Research follows industry trends for the Professional Flat Panel Display market. Year-over-year, professional display sales continue to grow with unit volumes up 45% and revenues up 55% over February 2015.