Precise Writing on LG’s UHD 86TR3E with InGlass™ by FlatFrog

Precise Writing on LG’s UHD 86TR3E with InGlass™ by FlatFrog

With the advanced built-in touch technology of InGlass™ by FlatFrog, LG’s 86TR3E Interactive Digital Board (IDB), enables precise touch responses and detailed writing like a realistic handwriting.  The screen recognizes small touch points accurately and shows the response to the touch point instantly. This allows the 86TR3E to be used for handwriting as well as and for more complex drawing applications.  Users find the 86TR3E easy to use because the touchscreen responds similarly to their mobile phones and tablets.

The 86TR3E allows up to 20 points of touch so that multiple participants can use the touch features simultaneously. The thickness of the pen is adapted to the writing speed even when using a passive pen. Notes on 86TR3E can be simply erased with the user’s palm and unlike IR touch screens there are no dead zones because the 86TR3E detects touch points even at the corners and edges of the display accurately.

The Ultra HD resolution of the 86TR3E presents details clearly and without distortion, even in zoom mode. The LG IPS panel has a wide viewing angle with each pixel reproducing accurate image colors to deliver clear content regardless of where the attendees are sitting in the meeting room.

The 86TR3E features the embedded IDB app to allow for collaboration without the need for a PC based on its webOS smart platform. LG’s webOS is powered by a high-performance SoC and can execute several tasks at the same time. It is also a complete way to enhance collaboration efficiency during a meeting by combining processes such as file sharing, writing, and saving.

Additional convenient and user-friendly features include screen capture and storage, a floating toolbar, tempered screen coating to minimize scratches, anti-shatter glass, PBP, PIP, compatibility with other devices, screen sharing, ability to annotate on a mirrored screen and save wirelessly, adjustable pen and eraser thicknesses, pen color choices, adjustable size and location of objects, ability to undo most recent action, ability to highlight, on/off option for touch function, and eye care features including anti-glare, automatic brightness adjustment and decreased blue light.

According to PMA Research, experts on the large-format display market, the top-selling screen size category for touch-enabled flat panel displays during 3Q2018 was 70” – 79”.