NEC’s New X754HB Display for High-Brightness Environments

NEC’s New X754HB Display for High-Brightness Environments

NEC Display Solutions recently announced the MultiSync X754HB display, a high-brightness display designed for high ambient light environments.

The new 75-inch display is built specifically for use in environments prone to direct sunlight. With integrated thermodynamic cooling fans, a panel that can reduce the risk of isotropic liquid crystals and a screen brightness of up to 2500 cd/m2, the X754HB is designed for solutions such as in a front-facing store windows and outdoor applications when coupled with an enclosure.

The X754HB also can also adapt to its surroundings utilizing an integrated ambient light sensor. When it’s on during the day, it allows for full visibility in bright conditions. It can dim down at night and reduce power consumption. Typical LCD panels do not guarantee full visibility if the orientation of the display changes or if the person viewing the screen is wearing polarized sunglasses. NEC Display’s X754HB has a quarter-lambda polarizer integrated onto the panel that will allow for full visibility in any orientation.

Other features of the X754HB include an 8-bit color SPVA panel, Direct LED backlight, and a built-in NFC sensor for use with Andriod devices. It also come standard with a built-in OPS option slot and expanded connectivity options, such as DisplayPort 1.2. This new model also has a 3-year warranty. The X754HB display is currently shipping with an MSRP of $11,299.

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