Christie Launches Extreme Series Professional LCD Panels for Video Walls

Christie Launches Extreme Series Professional LCD Panels for Video Walls

Christie® has introduced a new series of extreme-narrow bezel professional LCD panels adding to its Aspect family of displays for video walls. There are four models in the new Extreme Series of video wall panels; the FHD553-XE, the FHD553-XE-R, the FHD553-XE-H, and the FHD553-XE-HR. The new panels feature a combined bezel of only 1.7 millimeters allowing for a nearly seamless video wall solution. These high-performance displays are designed for 24/7 operation and offer active panel health and alert monitoring with their advanced electronics platform. The Extreme Series panels feature advanced panel matching, where the brightness and color of each panel comes pre-calibrated, which can save time during the installation process by eliminating the need for most of the image adjustments. The Extreme Series panels have built-in video wall scaling which also saves installation time. Edge-to-edge uniformity of the brightness across the entire video wall is automatically provided by the Smart Light Control feature.

All four models in the new series have a 55” diagonal screen size and native 1920 x 1080 resolution with 4K support. The –H and –HR models have a high brightness at 700 nits, while the other two models in the series have a brightness of 500 nits. The –R and –HR models come with an optional redundant remote power supply for flexibility in video wall design. The panels have a standard OPS slot which can accept a variety of embedded processing modules, including the Christie Phoenix™ EP.

The Extreme Series panels have been designed for video wall displays of up to 10 x 10 panels. With an installed depth of less than 4” using the optional Christie ML20 mount and portrait or landscape orientation these panels can provide many design options for almost any application including those in government facilities, public utilities, security and surveillance, telecommunications, and transportation, artistic and architectural displays, corporate lobbies, higher education, retail outlets, financial institutions, and arenas and stadiums.

The Christie Extreme Series becomes available in January 2017 and comes with a three-year parts and labor warranty.

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