BenQ Introduces New RM Series of IFPDs for Education

BenQ Introduces New RM Series of IFPDs for Education

The new BenQ RM series of interactive flat panel displays is the latest addition to join their family of 4K UHD IFPDs designed for education. The BenQ family of education IFPDs also includes their previously established RP series (which has some new models in its lineup too). The RM series by BenQ features a 55-inch (RM5501K), a 65-inch (RM6501K), a 75-inch (RM7501K) and an 86-inch (RM8601K).

These new displays offer a smooth handwriting experience which is an important feature when it comes to student engagement in a collaborative learning environment. The RM series touchscreen technology allows dual pens for collaboration so that two users can write or draw with different colors simultaneously. They also have the ability to display different stroke thickness based on the types of tools used to write or draw on the screen, such as fingers, the IFP stylus, brush or even pencil. This feature enhances artistic and creative applications in the classroom. The RM IFPD’s handwriting recognition feature allows presenters to convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into legible materials without having to switch modes.

The RM series also features low blue light technology and flicker-free technology. BenQ’s Low Blue Light technology minimizes blue light exposure and allows for healthier time spent in front of the display. Additionally the RM IFPD’s anti-glare glass surface helps to reduce reflections and avoid eye strain.

The RM IFPDs are equipped with front-facing speakers for better sound transmission and a Mic-in port to allow teachers to connect an external microphone. The RM series also has sharing features and Instant Plug and Play via a USB connection for a simple setup.

PMA Research, the market information experts on large displays, reported that YTD (as of Sep 30, 2018) sales of IFPDs through the U.S. distribution channel grew 11% over the equivalent year-ago period.