Barco Launches Super-Narrow Bezel Tiled LCD Video Wall Display

Barco Launches Super-Narrow Bezel Tiled LCD Video Wall Display

Barco, a global visualization and network solutions technology company, has introduced a new product into its narrow-bezel LCD Video Wall portfolio. The OverView HVD5521 is Barco’s most advanced tiled LCD video wall to date. A high-performance and high-brightness LCD panel, primarily designed for tiled video wall applications such as control rooms, the HVD5521 includes features to boost reliability and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With a combined bezel width of a nearly-seamless 1.8 mm, the visual experience of content that spans multiple displays is enhanced. The new OverView HVD5521 has a 55” diagonal screen size, Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and a brightness of 700 cd/m².

Recently featured at the Barco booth at ISE in Amsterdam, the OverView HD5521 has built-in the Sense X automatic color and brightness calibration system to counter the problem of color and brightness level shifts common to LCD video walls. The technology is based on integrated color sensors which function to automatically balance the colors and brightness of the video wall consistently and uniformly. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual calibration, an important factor in mission-critical control rooms, while also reducing those labor costs. With the Sense X automatic calibration system, the initial calibration of the entire wall can be completed quickly and easily.

The OverView HD5521 also features an optional redundant external power supply that will automatically switch over to the new unit if one should fail. This eliminates potential downtime due to a power supply failure. Having the redundant power supply in a remote (up to 100 meters away) location allows for maintenance to be performed without disrupting operations. Replacing a defective power supply is a simple enough task that a specialized technician is not required to perform it, further reducing costs.

In order to maximize the direct LED LCD backlight lifetime of 60,000 hours (typically), the OverView HD5521 operates with a temperature sensor controlled heat management system and has ultra-low noise fans to provide proper cooling at all times. This complements its low power consumption, along with its other TCO cost-saving features.

PMA Research, an analyst firm specializing in market data for the display industry, has added an LCD video wall feature to their monthly Flat Panel Display research reports. This new feature, beginning with the February 2017 editions, will show data for video walls in their fully assembled sizes. This enhancement was designed to provide readers with a convenient way to compare data for very large professional displays.